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" you don't love somebody coz of their look, or their money, or their car,, but u love somebody coz they sing a song that nobody knows,,but only u can understands,,"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

+ fall in love again +

ouh no,,,!!
tersangatlah terpikat,,
gler xleh nak kawal emosi kot,,

Fallin' in love
Is such an easy thing to do
Birds can do it
We can do it
Let's stop talkin'
Let's get to it
Let's fall in love,,

tersangatlah gler skrg nie,,!!

" ayu,,tolonglah jangan lebih2 k,,
nanti kau jugak yg nangis mereng,,
sudah2 focus ngan 
bende2 yg perlu jer k,,
banyak g impian yg xtertunai kot,,"

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