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" you don't love somebody coz of their look, or their money, or their car,, but u love somebody coz they sing a song that nobody knows,,but only u can understands,,"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let It Go ( After Hiatus)

That people built to keep me locked up,
Always pretending to be okay,
Because of people’s overwhelming attention,
I learned while falling,
The way to walk alone,
Have you ever had feeling like,
Everyday you’re walking on thin ice,
I want to get away,
From all the things that annoy me,
Let it go,
Let it be me,
Become alive and breath in this freedom,
Look closely at how far I will go,
To all those who hate me,
Let me say,
Good Bye..!

– B.I (Rap Verse) -

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