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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diary Seorang Penggangur :: Travel Here & There, Then Falling Sick

“Whatever you want to do, please try to do that. It’s okay if you fail. Because we’re young, we can get over it." - Lee Jong Hyun

Last week route
- Sunday :: Kg Jaya >> Pekan Sungkai Lama >> Kg Jaya
- Monday :: Kg Jaya >> Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson
- Tuesday :: Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson >> Linton University College, Mantin >> Pekan Tanjung Malim >> Kg Jaya
- Wednesday :: Kg Jaya >> PPD, Tapah >> Hospital Slim River >> Kg Jaya
- Thursday :: Kg Jaya >> Pekan Slim River >> Kg Jaya
- Saturday ;; Kg Jaya >> Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson

bile mane dah berbulan2..
dok terperap kat umah..
xde wat koje keras sgt..
antibody makin lemah..
badan senang sakit..
travel here & there..
end up ke hospital..
get de injection..

Today route
- Sunday :: Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson >>  Linton University College, Mantin >> Kg Jaya

Next week route 
- Tuesday :: Kg Jaya >> KTM Station Tanjung Malim >> KL Sentral >> Petaling Jaya >>  KL Sentral >>  KTM Station Tanjung Malim >> Kg Jaya

Hoping everything gonna be alright..
may Allah ease everything..