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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dah jatuh.. bergolek2 plak pas uh..?

Dari tajuk dah tau an..?
nampak x malang nyer..
berminggu2 lalu lappy wat hal..
tetiba xkuar pic kat screen..
terus gelap..
menggiler gak ahh..
coz material tok projek paper kat dlm lappy..
g kedai nyaris hardisk lappy leh kuar an..
tpi lappy cam mahal giler nk baiki..
tabah jelah an..

phone lak xleh on..
charging pon xnyala lampu..
menggiler double shot..!!

Sekarang stuck nk pikir wat pe..
dengan xberkerjaya nya..
celah mane lak nk ade duet..
nk beli bende2 uhh~

mohh lerrr~
tenang an aty..
dengan dengar lagu nieh..

Fanboys overload..!
Yoongi Bias..!
** But Jiminie steal my attention right now.. melting2..! **

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let It Go ( After Hiatus)

That people built to keep me locked up,
Always pretending to be okay,
Because of people’s overwhelming attention,
I learned while falling,
The way to walk alone,
Have you ever had feeling like,
Everyday you’re walking on thin ice,
I want to get away,
From all the things that annoy me,
Let it go,
Let it be me,
Become alive and breath in this freedom,
Look closely at how far I will go,
To all those who hate me,
Let me say,
Good Bye..!

– B.I (Rap Verse) -

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diary Seorang Penggangur :: Travel Here & There, Then Falling Sick

“Whatever you want to do, please try to do that. It’s okay if you fail. Because we’re young, we can get over it." - Lee Jong Hyun

Last week route
- Sunday :: Kg Jaya >> Pekan Sungkai Lama >> Kg Jaya
- Monday :: Kg Jaya >> Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson
- Tuesday :: Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson >> Linton University College, Mantin >> Pekan Tanjung Malim >> Kg Jaya
- Wednesday :: Kg Jaya >> PPD, Tapah >> Hospital Slim River >> Kg Jaya
- Thursday :: Kg Jaya >> Pekan Slim River >> Kg Jaya
- Saturday ;; Kg Jaya >> Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson

bile mane dah berbulan2..
dok terperap kat umah..
xde wat koje keras sgt..
antibody makin lemah..
badan senang sakit..
travel here & there..
end up ke hospital..
get de injection..

Today route
- Sunday :: Taman Intan Duyung, Port Dickson >>  Linton University College, Mantin >> Kg Jaya

Next week route 
- Tuesday :: Kg Jaya >> KTM Station Tanjung Malim >> KL Sentral >> Petaling Jaya >>  KL Sentral >>  KTM Station Tanjung Malim >> Kg Jaya

Hoping everything gonna be alright..
may Allah ease everything..