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" you don't love somebody coz of their look, or their money, or their car,, but u love somebody coz they sing a song that nobody knows,,but only u can understands,,"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

crush a bit with someone,,!!

i fell so weird,,
crush with someone
that i does't even talk,,
or maby i crush 
coz of his behaviour,,
or his favorite,,
or his look,,
i totally can't get de answers now,,
help me,,!!
 2 remove this feeling,,,
i can't handle it now,,,

p/s : xde ar plak rase nak bercintan cintun ngan dak uh,,
juz xleh nak kawal emosi jer nie,,huu~
"focus in study yu,,
laki uh ko campak jer tepi katil,,heee"

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