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" you don't love somebody coz of their look, or their money, or their car,, but u love somebody coz they sing a song that nobody knows,,but only u can understands,,"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

< needs a rest >

sakit gler kot,,
pelik sesangat,,
feeling kat perut nie,,
ape yg lain bebenor 
ku makan ri nie,,
rasenyer pg tdi juz makan,,
roti canai + sotong + air laici,,
xde ar abnormal sangat,,
tgh ari,,
abiz class foundation,,
makan waffer coklat + air milo,,
pas uh abiz class math 
makan jambu potong + air 100 plus,,
xde yg merepek nyer,,
makanan2 yg dimakan,,
still jugak,,
sakit perut sekarang nie,,
benci tol lah,,!!

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