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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 CF Korean Version

“ The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it.. You either have to laugh or cry.. I prefer to laugh.. Crying gives me a headache.. ” ― Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Pepagi buta g dah menggila tgok CF dak2 CN BLUE nieh..
walaupun nieh CF taun lepas nyer..
ade aku kesah..
waaaa~ comel + sweet + romantik + awesome + gentleman + ..... macam2 g lah dieowg nieh..
siyesly terpikat + terpesona + tertarik n memacam g lah ter ter nyer.. hahah~
Boom pon ade kot.. wahaha~ lawak giler dier..
nie antara video2 dieowg..

YongHwa amek part dalam Academy Festival Practical Music Department.. okeyhh~ nieh sesuai sgt ngan dier..

JongHyun plak jadi student dalam dewan kuliah tok Academy Festival English & Literature Department.. waaaa~ dier wink kot.. cair2..

Minhyuk plak dalam Academy Festival Engineering Department.. okeyhh~ dlm clip vid nieh..note tab nieh siyesly sesuai tok student2 yg giigih study uh an.. sesuai sgt..

Jungshin jadi student tok Academy Festival Costume Design Department.. dlm clip vid nieh siyesly dier nampak cool giler kot.. waaaahh~

mohon sesape tolong beli an satu bende nieh..
biler lah leh dapat pegang duet sendiri..

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